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Keep your eyes and face protected with Hannaford's range of protective eyewear. All of our safety eyewear protects the eyes from a wide range of hazards, splashes and the risk of acquiring infectious diseases via ocular exposure.

Regular prescription glasses or contacts will not keep you protected from infections such as Coronavirus. Since the pandemic doctors have advised to wear protective eyewear to prevent droplet spread as well as self inoculation via contact with the hands.


Our protective eyewear is designed to not only keep you protected from potential hazards, but also to infections entering the eye. We have different types of protection including:

  • Assembled glasses - Comfortable and lightweight which can be worn over prescription glasses. The frames can also be disinfected using a hard surface disinfectant. Perfect for situations which may involve splashing or spraying. 

  • Full face visor - Maximum facial protection to help protect against infection, splashes of body fluids and other potential hazards. 

We have a huge range of PPE equipment including glasses, goggles and facial coverings in stock and ready to deliver worldwide. 

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