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Stay protected with Hannaford's PPE packs which help keep yourself, your employees or your colleagues safe.


At Hannaford PPE we offer different types of protection packs which all help keep you protected against infections and viruses. Our PPE packs are also effective for helping fight against Coronavirus (Covid 19). 

Our PPE packs can be shipped in bulk and also internationally.


Our PPE packs include:

  • 2 Piece Packs - Our 2 piece PPE packs include 2 disposable face masks and 2 easypac hand sanitisers. (One kit per pack)

  • 3 Piece Packs - Our 3 piece PPE packs include 2 gloves, 2 face masks and 2 hand sanitising wipes. (Two kits per pack)

Our products at Hannaford PPE are carefully manufactured and packaged according to the highest international standards using the most advanced protection and packaging methods. This ensures you have the highest quality product and the most effective protection. 

Our PPE packs are in stock and ready to deliver.

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